Mauritius Travelogue| OOTD, Fun, Holiday

Mauritius Travelogue| OOTD, Fun, Holiday

Finally got around to posting some pics from our recent Mauritius trip. It was super fun and a far cry from the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

My boy never helps me through planning so it was I who is solely responsible for this amazing trip. We stayed at Lux Le Morne Resort which happened to be one of the best resorts in Mauritius. The serenity & calmness of the hotel attracted both of us and we were super happy with our choice.

The hotel is located quite far from the city. We booked our trip through Makemytrip and it literally took them 1.5 hours to drop us at the hotel premises. Let us have a look at the resort.

Lux Le Morne Mauritius
Lux Le Morne, Mauritius

The above picture is the main restaurant where  breakfast and dinner were served. Do you see the mountain peeping through? It is Le Morne Peninsula where the Le Morne beach is located. The hotel staff was super friendly and they upgraded our room to Prestige Cottage which had the most amazing outdoor shower. The outdoor shower is basically a separate shower chamber adjacent to the bathroom.

Lux Le Morne Mauritius Holiday
Our Cottage

The sea was super close to our cottage which was like my only concern. I get paranoid if the view from my room isn’t nice. My boy is never bothered about all these little details in life.

The next photograph is the private beach adjacent to our room. The grains of the golden sand were all over me and the experience was magical.

Lux Le Morne Private Beach
Lux Le Morne Private Beach
Mauritius Lux Le Morne
That Super Cute Ice-Cream parlour

I had the most amazing coconut ice- cream there. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!

Lux Le Morne Mauritius
Tropical Forest like

Now it’s time for some outfit pictures. I took my whole wardrobe there but hardly worn anything. At the end of the day, I am super lazy. However, the  resort provided the most amazing setting for pictures.

Mauritius OOTD



Mauritius OOTD Lux Le Morne


OOTD mauritius


OOTD Mauritius Beach
Water! Water! Come Along!



Next, I would be taking you to the Ile Aux Cerfs island tour which is one of the hottest destinations Mauritius. You can do scuba diving, water sports with a stunning view infront. AAhhhh! I want to go back…:(

On our Way to Ille Aux Cerfs
Water Sports Mauritius
Water Sports! Yayyyyy!
Mauritius Blue Water
Look How Green the Water is!

The North island tour includes Port Louis which is the capital of Mauritius. One can see some wonderful French colonial buildings, especially the Government House and the Municipal Theater.

Mauritius Travel
Port Louis


OOTD mauritius
Now That’s Mehhhh!

The last day happened to be the sourest day of my life. I did not want to come back leaving this beautiful place behind. To capture the memoirs, clicked a few pictures.

Le Morne Peninsula. Clicked from the Hotel Boat Trip


Good Bye Le Morne! Given a chance, I would come back!

The Resort when Dark approaching!
The Resort when Dark approaching!

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